Harvest Holy-Field Winery 8/19/2017 - Click on file name to view
Harvest Volunteers
Van Till Tasting original 09/01/2016
Harvest Crush. Until 2005 I used to take the taubs from the dumpers to rise off to go back to the harvest
Vieyards almost extend to the far bildings. Made numerous trips around the vineyard that day.
Usually for haevest, we'd have a full parking lot and I'd direct parking to maximize number of cars
Northeast rows. I was back and forth in the rows. Years ago I was live on TV 4 Sunday morning going through the rows
Northwest rows.Usually we'd have 4-6 trailer loads. This was a light weekend
Between NE & NW rows. You can see the distance covered
Rowe Ridge Winery 9/24/2016 - 2016 or 2015 I tried to help at harvest, but too physical
My 1st video attempt at a MO winery. Would be decent with editing. I really need a person to video or be the taster. Too much for 1 person.